15 May 2017

E-course King’s staging available for health care practitioners

A new e-course for the King’s staging system has been developed by the team from King’s College London. This e-course is freely available to all health care practitioners connected to a TRICALS centre.

The aim is to train all TRICALS outcome assessors for the King’s staging system. This is a system to classify the disease stage of ALS patients. Staging criteria for ALS could help to provide a universal and objective measure of disease progression with benefits for clinical trial design.

In addition to this emodule, neurologists and research nurses of the TRICALS centres were trained in the TRICALS workshop May 20 & 21 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Find the SOP for the King’s staging system on the ENCALS website. To request access to the e-course on King’s staging, please email info@tricals.org.