7 December 2016

Improved E-learning muscle strength available for all TRICALS centres

TRICALS E-learning modules have been developed for the outcomes ALS-FRS-R (questionnaire for disease progression), respiratory measurement and muscle strength. The e-learning module about testing muscle strength has now been improved with the feedback from the TRICALS workshop participants last May. The purpose of the emodules is to train doctors and research nurses for the most reliable outcome assessment.

The elearning modules are available for all TRICALS centres. Outcome assessors have already received a username and password for the elearning modules and can now access the improved elearning about isometric strength testing. If you participate in outcome assessment of trials at a TRICALS centre and have not yet received log in details, please email info@tricals.org.

We can only achieve reliable outcomes in trials if all assessors at the TRICALS Centres apply exactly the same routines. The ALS Centres connected to TRICALS want to achieve the most reliable outcome measures, leading to efficient ALS trials. The aim is to speed up the search for effective treatments for ALS.