Lille ALS Center

CHU Lille

The multisciplinary specialists team of the Lille ALS Center aims to minimize ALS morbidity and optimize quality of life. Using a translational approach, we develop new therapeutic concepts for neurodegenerative diseases and especially for ALS.


CHU Lille

Our ALS center provides multidisciplinary care to minimize ALS disease burden and optimize quality of life. To achieve this, multiple specialists coordinate patient care by monitoring disease progression, anticipating complications, setting up high-tech compensation, adapting the living environment to the disability, and setting up social support to allow people to remain at home. We provide expertise on the early planning of patient care, coordination of care for patients at home (also using teleconsultation), therapeutic education and ethical evaluations with partners from the health sector, medical social sector, the hospital sector or home care.

Research in our center relies on a translational approach, with research activities ranging from cellular- and mouse models to assessment of large multicentric cohorts of patients (PULSE study; NCT02360891). Currently, we have two new therapeutic strategies in development: 1) Conservative Iron chelation (FAIR ALS-II trial; NCT0329293069) and 2) a new biotherapy based upon the physiological healing system contained into the platelets (GIFT project). The PULSE project, which is a collaboration of 17 French ALS Centers and supported by the patients’ association (ARSla), is led by Professor David Devos. He is also the principal investigator of the FAIR ALS-II trial.

Centre SLA, Neurologie, Hopital Salengro, CHU, 59037, lille cedex