Nice ALS Centre

CHU Nice

Nice ALS center was created by Pr Claude Desnuelle in 1992. Labeled as Reference Center in the French Rare Diseases National Plan since 2003, it is integrated in the French ALS Network since 2014 and in the EuroNMD-ERN since 2017.

CHU Nice

Included in the Neurology Department of the University Hospital of Nice, the center is totally devoted to the care of patients with ALS and other rare motor neuron diseases with specific in and out-patients facilities and dedicated team. Medical staff includes neurologist, pulmonologist and physical rehabilitation specialists with formal connections with nutritionists and palliative care teams. A multi professional team of 8 paramedical, administrative, psychologist, social worker and CRA is attached, in relation with a formal devoted local network to ensure the follow-up with residence and home-care professionals.

Hôpital Pasteur 2 – CHU de Nice 30 Voie Romaine 06001 Nice France