Hospital Universitario La Paz – Carlos III

In May 2018 the IMELA (ALS Institute of Madrid) was created with the aim of coordinate the ALS care in the region.

This ALS unit combines the diagnostic and multidisciplinary care for ALS patients with the clinical research focused on cognitive impairment assessment by scales validation and cognitive evoked potentials, quality of life studies, biomarkers and clinical trials with experimental therapies.

Comprehensive multidisciplinary care is provided by a team of neurologists, pychologists and nurses supported by neumologists, nutritionists and palliative care specialists in Hospital or home based. The Rehabilitation team provides motor, respiratory and speech therapies.

The Unit serves to ALS patients living in the Madrid Autonomous Community but also to many patients from other regions of the country. About three hundred patients are usually under treatment.

Hospital Carlos III-HULP Sinesio Delgado, 10. 28029, Madrid Spain


Delia Chaverri Rada

Doctor of Neurology
Delia Chaverri Rada