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At the ALS Center Karolinska, we integrate clinical care with clinical- and preclinical research. Our main research focus is epidemiological research, risk and prognosis, quality of life, wet and dry biomarkers. All patients are part of the national Swedish MND registry, which is based in our clinic. To give patients and their families an opportunity to participate in clinical trials, the ALS Treatment Center Karolinska (ALS Treat) was established in cooperation with the clinic and conducts several clinical trials of ALS.

Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset Huddinge, 18146, Stockholm, Sweden


Caroline Ingre

Neurologist and Researcher

Dr. Caroline Ingre is a specialist in neuromuscular disease, and has been […]

Caroline Ingre
Current trials
In preparation
Phase iii


Platform trial
MAGNET is an innovative clinical platform trial in which multiple treatments for ALS are investigated simultaneously.
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Phase iii


Industry trial
This trial will evaluate the efficacy of tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) as add-on treatment for people with ALS.
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