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In 1992, the ALS Clinical Center was established at Umeå University Hospital. This is now the principal center for diagnosing and caring of patients with neuromuscular diseases in northern Sweden. The clinical team also performs second-opinion evaluations of patients from other parts of Sweden and from abroad. Since 1992 the center has conducted clinical phase 1—3 trials which concern investigator initiated clinical trials as well as studies with the industry. The ALS Clinical Center is part of the larger ALS Research Consortium in Umeå that also performs genetic, histopathology and molecular-pathology studies. The focus is on studying SOD1 and its role as a prion in causing cell death.

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Peter Andersen

Professor of Neurology and Senior Neurologist

Professor Andersen obtained his medical degree from Copenhagen University and specialised in […]

Peter Andersen
Current trials
In preparation
Phase iii


Platform trial
MAGNET is an innovative clinical platform trial in which multiple treatments for ALS are investigated simultaneously.
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Phase iii


Industry trial
This trial will evaluate the efficacy of tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) as add-on treatment for people with ALS.
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