University of Padova

Our MND Clinic is a hospital-based and academic facility of the Azienda Ospedaliera of Padova, University of Padova, Italy. Linked to the Neuromuscular Unit, it is a referral center for motor neuron disorders in the North-East area of Italy. The full aspects of motor neuron diseases, from diagnosis to advanced stage disease care, are covered.  The Clinic Team is a multi-disciplinary group including Neurologists, Neurology residents or fellows working with them, along with specialized healthcare providers for symptom management and treatment (speech language pathologist, psychologists, nurses, and case manager). The research program of the Clinic focuses on understanding the mechanisms of motor neuron diseases and their secondary conditions, improving care and developing therapies. National and international collaborations are currently ongoing. A biobank of tissues and DNAs from hundreds of MND patients is also available for both diagnostic and research purposes.

Clinica Neurologica, via Giustiniani 5, 35128 Padova


Gianni Sorarù

Clinical expert and Principal investigator of clinical trials

Dr. Gianni Sorarù is an associate professor of Neurology at the Department […]

Gianni Sorarù