Torino ALS Center (CRESLA)

University of Torino

The Torino ALS Center (CRESLA) performs basic and clinical research, while at the same time providing care for ALS patients.

University of Torino

Our centre is based in the largest public hospital in Italy (the “Città della Salute e della Scienza” hospital of Torino). We follow about 350 patients each year, both locally and nationwide. We have a diagnostic laboratory and a molecular genetics laboratory. Our scientific studies include both clinical and basic research of ALS. In the last decade, we have participated in 5 large international randomized clinical trials on innovative drugs in ALS. We have a multidisciplinary group and a daily ALS clinic. We also provide psychological, neuropsychological and neurophysiological services.

University of Turin, Turin, Via Cherasco 15, 10126, Torino, Italy

Our Specialists

Adriano Chiò

Professor of Neurology

Adriano Chiò is a neurologist currently working in Torino, Italy. He is […]

Adriano Chiò
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