Platform trial

A unique way to speed up ALS research

ALS is a complex disease and each patient is different. The need for personalised treatments that target ALS in all its different forms are therefore urgently required. Adaptive platform trials, such as the MAGNET trial, are innovative types of clinical trials that allows multiple drugs to be tested at the same time.

How do platform trials work

The unique platform design makes it possible to add new treatment arms at any given time. This allows for a rapid and cost-effective screening of new potential treatments and speeds up the process of finding a cure for ALS.

The MAGNET trial is the first international platform trial to focus on finding effective treatments for ALS.

MAGNET stands for Multi-arm, Adaptive, Group-sequential trial NETwork. Currently 16 academic medical centers from 6 countries are involved the MAGNET Trial: the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and Australia.

Benefits of the MAGNET platform trial

Increasing chances

Testing multiple treatments at the same time

This increases our chances of finding suitable drugs to treat ALS. The platform trial is adaptive, meaning that treatments can be added and removed from the platform as required.

More patients get treatment

Minimizing time on placebo

The MAGNET trial-design enables the different treatment arms to share information from the placebo-treated group. This means that patients have a bigger chance of receiving the experimental medicine instead of the placebo drug.

Saving time

Increasing speed while reducing cost.

Through the adaptive nature of the study, new treatments can be added when they become available. This saves considerable time compared to starting up an entirely new clinical trial for every candidate drug.

MAGNET Treatment arms

The MAGNET adaptive platform trial enables the investigation of multiple treatments at the same time. In addition, new candidate drugs can be added to the platform trial while ineffective ones can be dropped. By doing so, the time that patients are exposed to an ineffective treatment is minimized. The first drug that we will investigate is already used to treat mood disorders and is safe for ALS patients: Lithium carbonate.

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