Since 2007 Dr. Mandrioli is the chief of the Multidisciplinary Centre for MND in Modena, Italy, a referral centre for diagnosis and treatment of MND and follows 250 patients every year. She created and has been coordinating the population based Registry of ALS in Modena since 2000, and in Emilia Romagna Region (4.4 million inhab.) since 2009. This Registry collects data on patients from 17 Italian neurological centres. She carried out several epidemiological studies on ALS in Italy. She took part, together with ITALSGEN Consortium, in several studies on genetics of ALS that led to the isolation of new genes (including VCP, C9ORF72, MATRIN3, KIF5A), and to pharmacological clinical trials in ALS. She coordinates clinical trials on ALS (currently: RAP-ALS, co-ALS, FETR-ALS).  She was coordinator of the Italian Study Group on MND from 2013 to 2017. She has published in over 100 peer-reviewed scientific journals and her work is highly cited by other scientists.

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