Clinical research center located in Cracow conducting trials in several specialties

Centrum Medyczne Linden

CM Linden is not only a modern diagnostic and therapeutic facility offering patients comprehensive care in several fields of medicine, but also a clinical research center co-created by researchers, coordinators and nurses with many years of experience in conducting numerous projects.

Linden - Poland
Centrum Medyczne Linden

The most qualified principal investigators have been conducting trials for over 15 years, while coordinators and nurses present extensive experience supported by active participation in over 100 studies. The whole team has up-to-date training in good clinical practice – GCP, IATA training and fluency in using programs for entering clinical data.

We are prepared to conduct phase I to IV studies. Working with other facilities, we provide access to numerous diagnostic methods (X-ray, MRI, CT, PET, USG, ECHO, etc.), as well as monitored hospital beds and doctors of most specialties.

Lipska 8, 30-721 Kraków, Polen

Our Specialists

Jakub Antczak

Neurolog och neurofysiolog

Läkare med vetenskapliga resultat. Medlem i Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology. Biträdande professor vid […]

Jakub Antczak