10 June 2017

Succesful third TRICALS workshop on outcome measures 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

A succesful third TRICALS workshop was held in Ljubljana Slovenia in the weekend of 20 & 21th of May 2017, after the ENCALS meeting. Sixty practitioners from 11 countries participated. The goal of the annual TRICALS workshop is to standardize outcome assessment in ALS clinical trials.

All TRICALS centres were invited for this workshop. Outcome assessors, such as neurologists, residents and research nurses, discussed the most important outcome measures in ALS research and trials: ALS-FRS-R, respiratory measures, isometric strength testing, staging and the ECAS, a test of cognitive and behavioural function. The workshop aims to optimize the reliability of these outcomes.

Prof. Leonard van den Berg, chair of ENCALS said: “We can only conduct high quality ALS trials if we all assess outcome measures in the same way. Cinical trials in ALS should be international in order to include enough patients. To ensure that all participating ALS Centres perform the tests in the same way, standardisation is needed. The discussions in the TRICALS workshops are important to further improve our SOP’s.”

The yearly TRICALS workshop is organized under the auspices of ENCALS, the European Network to Cure ALS, with more than 40 connected ALS Centres troughout Europe. TRICALS as the European trial network and working group of ENCALS, invests in training sessions and emodules for high quality ALS trials.

Programme TRICALS workshop May 2017

The SOPs for the outcome measures are available on the ENCALS website. For access to the TRICALS e-courses, please contact info@tricals.org

Session ECAS on the measurement of cognitive and behavioral symptoms of ALS