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What if you, as a DJ, are confronted with ALS? I experienced it up close and lost a good friend to this terrible motor neuron disease.

First of all, let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Mathon van Eijsden, better known to many as DJ Mathon. More than 10 years ago I left the Netherlands to be settled in Spain. This put friendships to the test. Partly because I was not always able to maintain them due to my busy life. True friends remain friends and unfortunately I have already lost one of my best friends to this motor neuron disease.

Motivated by the course of the disease, I decided during his lifetime to commit myself to draw attention to this disease. Using my own, still healthy muscles, I participate in events with the aim of raising money. These donations are used in the most transparent way possible to assist people who suffer from ALS.

I keep interested parties informed about my activities via my website and social media. Attention and donations remain necessary to achieve my goal.

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