Precision ALS

Precision ALS is a €10 million research programme involving researchers at the SFI Research Centres ADAPT and FutureNeuro along with the TRICALS Consortium, Europe’s largest ALS research initiative. National and International industry partners and charities including patient organisations are also actively participating.

Innovative & interactive

Precision ALS will provide an innovative and interactive platform for all clinical research in ALS across Europe, that will then harness artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse large amounts of data. The programme cements Ireland’s world leadership position in the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to ALS research and will generate scores of new jobs in clinical and data science research, new technologies and drug development.

A unique programme that brings together Clinicians, Computer Scientists, Information Engineers, Technologists, and Data Scientists

The goal

Precision ALS aims to shift the main focus of research from laboratory-based work and animal models to applied clinical research in collaboration with those people affected by the disease.

The goal is to create a pan-European Patient Data Platform so that research sites across Europe can work together towards a common goal of finding a treatment for ALS.

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