ARTMED is an outpatient clinic with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment used for neurologic disorders, rehabilitation, gynecology, as well as aesthetic and regenerative medicine.
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Our main field includes neurology and motor rehabilitation. In Artmed we perform extensive electrophysiologic and ultrasonographic diagnostics of degenerative, metabolic and traumatic disorders of peripheral nervous system. In collaboration with other centers we expand our diagnostics with advanced imaging and laboratory data. Our physiotherapeutic team offers motor rehabilitation individually tailored to the patient with application of novel rehabilitative instrument, including anti-gravity treadmill ALTER-G. If indicated we enrich conventional pharmacotherapy with ultrasound guided perineural and other injections of local anesthetics and steroids. Further areas of expertise in Artmed include gynecology and
aesthetic and regenerative medicine.
Barska 63/1, 33-300 Nowy Sącz, Poland