St. Olav's University Hospital

The ALS clinic at St. Olav’s University hospital in Trondheim has built a well-functioning clinical team and established regional standards for patient follow-up.

St. Olav’s University Hospital

We cover a population of 455.000 inhabitants and follow approximately 30 ALS patients at any given time. We develop advanced in vitro modeling of patient-derived neural network function. We plan to do population-based research on patient samples obtained from the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study ( Finally, we are establishing a National ALS registry. The neurodegenerative research initiative of which ALS research is a part is organized within the TrønderBrain research group.

Olav Kyrres gate 17, 7030 Trondheim, Norway

Our Specialists

Geir Bråthen

Associate Professor of Neurology

Geir Bråthen is Associate Professor of Neurology in St. Olav’s Hospital.

Geir Bråthen