Neuromuscular Centre

University Hospital of Patras

National center of excellence for neuromuscular disorders.
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University Hospital of Patras
The neuromuscular center is attached to the Department of Neurology, in a tertiary Public University Hospital; and is the only public unit for neurological patients in the south-west of Greece with a total population of about 800.000 people. Approximately 400 patients with a diagnosis of neuromuscular disorder, including myopathies, neuropathies, neuromuscular junction disorders and motor neuron diseases are followed up in the department. These patients are managed by a multidisciplinary team, including neurologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, physiatrist, nutritionist, psychologists, respiratory and motor therapists, speech therapists, dietician, and nurses.  The team provides comprehensive services in the areas of diagnosis, conventional drug treatments and experimental treatment protocols, as well as research on these disorders, including clinical trials.  Our neurologists offer a complete range of diagnostic testing that includes electrodiagnostic studies (EMG, ENG, RNS, SF-EMG, autonomic function testing) and neuromuscular ultrasound. The center collaborates with other labs for genetic analysis, autoimmune assays and muscle biopsies.
Neurologic Clinic, University Hospital of Patras, Rio, Patras, 26504