Anna Bochyńska

Anna Bochyńska

Neurologist and Dentist

In 1986 she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and in 1988 she graduated from the Department of Dentistry at the Medical University in Poznań.

Since 1991 she has been working at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw where in 1997 she has obtained 2nd degree specialisation in Neurology, while in 2000 she obtained the title of Doctor of Medicine.

Currently she is an Assistant Professor at the 1st Neurology Clinic IPiN; for many years she is a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute. Licenced electroencephalography technician (EEG), member of the Polish Neurology Society, Polish Epileptology Society, Polish Society of Clinical Neurophysiology.

Her field of interest is epilepsy, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease. She participated and still participates in numerous scientific projects and clinical studies in the country and abroad.

Participation in clinical trials:

2006-2008 Trail NO 1175 Protocal RPCE04P 1901 UCB Pharma (LVE)

2005-2006 SITS-MOST

2006-2010 IST-3


2008-2010 SCAST

2009-2012 DIAS-3

2014-2015 SOCRATES

2016-1017- GWEP 1330