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Completing this form will unsubscribe you from the TRICALS patient registry and any active or future research. You will no longer receive periodical questionnaires.

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Participation in the TRICALS registry is always voluntary and withdrawing from the database can be done without any consequences or indication of reason.

The purpose of this form is to collect the necessary personal information we need in order to successfully unsubscribe you from our database. The information collected in this form will be deleted after your request to unsubscribe is processed.

Withdrawing from the database

When you complete this form, you will be unsubscribed from any active and future research. Past data, previously provided through questionnaires or trials, will remain in the database and might still be used for future research to help find a cure for ALS. If you want to erase your complete datarecord, please send an email to info@tricals.org

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