• To financially or otherwise support and promote the activities and scientific research of TRICALS;
  • Stichting Friends of TRICALS will achieve this goal through fundraising and will make these funds and resources available for TRICALS (by means of loans, donations and investments).

Financial Capital

  • The financial capital of the foundation is comprised of all financial contributions, donations, grants, legacies, inheritances, or any other assets.
  • An inheritance can only be accepted under benefit of inventory

Board of Directors

  • The board of directors consists of at least 3 members. The majority of members should not be related or part of the same household.
  • Members of the board of directors need to be working or otherwise engaged with institutes that are involved in the main objectives of TRICALS.
  • The board of directors consists of a president, treasurer and secretary. If the board consists of multiple members, each member can hold a maximum of 2 positions.
  • Members can serve for an indefinite period of time.
  • The board of directors appoints new members

Functions, authority and remuneration

  • In the fulfillment of their tasks, the board focuses on the interest of Friends of TRICALS.
  • The board will not be remunerated for their activities. Members can be reimbursed for reasonable expenses made as part of Friends of TRICALS-related activities.

Decision making

  • Board meetings will take place at least every 6 months
  • Every member has one vote
  • The secretary will take minutes of every meeting and these will be accessible to all members
  • Decisions can be made outside of meetings, under the condition that each member has expressed his/her opinion in writing
  • A board member will not be involved in decision making when he/she has an (in)direct conflict of interests

Financial year and annual reports

  • The financial year coincides with the calendar year
  • The board of directors is required to put together a signed report (by each member) with the current balance and a statement of income and expenditures.
  • These reports will be stored for seven years.
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