Centro Clinico Nemo

The NeuroMuscular Omnicentre (NeMO) is based at the Niguarda Ca’ Granda Hospital in Milan and is part of a network that consists of four clinical facilities distributed throughout Italy. We are a highly specialized center and devoted to take care of people affected with neuromuscular diseases, including ALS. We follow over 1000 neuromuscular patients each year. Using the expertise of our multidisciplinary team of specialists, we aim to cover the overall needs of ALS patients. We do this by offering comprehensive services in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, nutrition and pulmonary care.

Piazza dell'Ospedale Maggiore, 3, 20162 Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


Christian Lunetta

Principal investigator

Christian Lunetta, MD, is the principal investigator of NEuroMuscular Omnicentre (NEMO).

Christian Lunetta
Current trials
In preparation
Phase iii


Platform trial
MAGNET is an innovative clinical platform trial in which multiple treatments for ALS are investigated simultaneously.
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Phase iii


Industry trial
This trial will evaluate the efficacy of tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) as add-on treatment for people with ALS.
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