Professor Philippe Couratier is Neurologist in the University Hospital of Limoges. After a PhD in Paris (Ecole Normale Supérieure), he heads the Neurology department since 2010. In 2018 he coordinates the French referral ALS centers. His research focuses on the epidemiology of ALS. He sets up the first French registry on ALS (FraLim). He belongs to the Inserm labelled Team UMR1094 and has established collaborations with Africa leading to the first publication of the African Case Study (Tropals). He has established collaborations with Uruguay and Ecuador to study the role of genetic factors and the ancestral factor by comparison with two European populations. By the same time, the ALS centers Limoges-Tours collaborate within the project Mine. He has coordinated a multi-center study that analyzed the risk of developing ALS according to the cyanotoxin BMAA exposure (BMAALS). Several collaborations within Eurals have been established with the epidemiology teams of Professors Beghi and Logroscino in Italy.

On a nutritional level, he continues on the study of the consequences of hypermetabolism and analyses metabolism at rest in C9ORF72 pre-symptomatic subjects. He has set up a multicenter nutritional intervention trial to assess the effects of an early nutritional management on functional impairment (Nutrals).

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