International Network for ALS Research and Care

The International Network for ALS Research and Care (INARC) is a network of nurses, study coordinators and other professionals involved in ALS research or care. The aim of the network is to connect members and to create a platform to exchange skills and expertise.

Become a member

As an INARC member, you will be informed on the network’s activities and get access to workshops, seminars and meetings.

All staff members involved either in the clinical care of ALS patients or in clinical research with ALS patients are invited to become members of INARC. As other networks might be more specific to physicians, INARC focuses on all the other members involved in ALS research and care: nurses, study coordinators, OTs, PTs, SLPs, research nurses, and more!

Being an INARC member is free of charge, allows you to be on our mailing list and receive all the information relevant to the network, but also grants you access to INARC satellite meetings for an accessible price. This year, participating to our ENCALS meeting for the fee of €50 grants you access to the entire ENCALS conference as well (this price applies to one INARC member per ENCALS centre).

Our goals
  • Connect the different ALS research and care staff members together
  • Organize networking events at global conferences
  • Organize workshops and satellite meetings
  • Streamline the communication between ALS research and care staff members
  • Create a platform and a space to exchange skills and expertise
  • Increase our problem solving skills when facing common challenges in the ALS clinical research field
  • Empower our members and experience-based training
Upcoming meeting: INARC satellite meeting during ENCALS 2023

INARC is hosting its second face-to-face meeting on 11 July 2023. This meeting will be held at the ENCALS venue in Barcelona. This year, participating to our meeting for the fee of €50,- grants you access to the entire ENCALS conference as well!

More information and registration


Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee consists of the following members.

Tommy Bunte

Tommy acts as a TRICALS trainer for outcome measures, and is also a physician assistant and the director of the ALS clinical trials at the University Medical Centre Utrecht.

Juliette Foucher

Juliette is currently working at the Karolinska University Hospital as an ALS research coordinator, while conducting her PhD at the department of clinical neuroscience of the Karolinska Institute. She is also acting as Nordic patient liaison for TRICALS.

Romy Verschoor

Romy is a project manager at TRICALS and is in charge of business development, acting as a bridge between pharmaceutical compagnies and TRICALS ALS centers.

Mathias Couillard

Mathias first joined the clinical research unit of the Neuro in Montreal as an ALS clinical trial coordinator and is now the manager of the unit, overseeing over 100 trials in neurological diseases.

Vanessa Bertone

ALS team-leader, Clinical Research Unit, Montreal, Canada.

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