16 October 2017

TRICALS, the European Trial consortium to cure ALS, welcomes patients to register

TRICALS welcomes ALS patients from the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Switzerland to register with TRICALS for participation in clinical trials. Registration with TRICALS is now open for ALS patients from these countries who are willing to participate in medical trials. TRICALS is glad to expand its reach after the first launch in the Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland.

TRICALS, the European trial network to cure ALS is a working group of ENCALS, the European Network of more ALS centres throughout Europe. Please click on ‘ALS Centers’ in the main menu to see the centres currently participating in TRICALS, while more centres with clinical and research expertise are invited to join.

Patient registration with TRICALS

When registering on TRICALS, patients are asked to fill in medical details required to assess compatibility for upcoming clinical studies. Registered patients receive news from their ALS Centre when a new clinical trial starts.

Almost 700 European ALS patients have so far registered at www.tricals.org and more and more Belgian, Swiss, French and Italian patients are registering. By selecting their own language on the home page, patients can register in their own language.

Our goal

By creating a well-secured international registry of ALS patients connected to a local ALS Centre, TRICALS aims to speed up and increase the number of clinical trials for potential ALS medications. Patients, ALS centres and pharmaceutical industry are joining forces for more ALS clinical trials!